Guest Service Manager-Mandarin Language


The Guest Service Manager is directly responsible for the Guest Services Desk. This is a “front of the house” position that is highly visible to guests and the Guest Services Staff. He/she must ensure that guest requests or concerns are handled and resolved in a quick, efficient and courteous manner. Warm, friendly, efficient service and follow-up to situations are top priorities. Additionally, this position supervises the Guest Services Assistant Manager, Group Services Coordinator, Concierge and Butlers and must be aware of the responsibilities and daily activities of these positions. The Guest Service Manager is the point person on embarkation day for Pier & Ship Staff and Port Agent; Responsible for the Pier check-in procedures and ensuring the guests’ first impression on arrival is a positive one. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

- Oversees the duty schedules for the Guest Services Staff and Guest Service Assistant Manager/Embarkation Clearance Officer. Ensures the Group Services Coordinator and Concierge do not work more than 10 hours a day/70 hours per week unless necessary. Balancing the respective workloads must be considered.
- Motivates the Guest Services Staff to be consistently upbeat, friendly and outgoing. Ensures they adhere to the established policies and procedures. In particular greeting guests, problem solving and follow-up to guests’ requests, telephone etiquette, and use of the P.A. System
- Ensures the Guest Services Desk, Atrium and gangway areas are organized and ready on time to receive guests at embarkation.
- The pier check-in procedures must be organized and run efficiently in collaboration with the Pier Supervisors; tables, chairs, juice service, flowers, signage etc. are ready and in place on time.
- Responsible for the printing and organizing of the guest key cards to be ready prior to embarkation.
- Ensures the vessel clearance is consistent and conducted professionally, efficiently and in accordance with the laws of the particular country.
- Makes sure that all embarking and disembarking guests receive friendly, efficient service from the crew; i.e. escorts to staterooms, Cruise Staff stationed at gangway, elevators, staircases, etc.
- Ensures priority embarkation is provided to The Haven/Villa/Suite/VIP guests, ADA guests and special groups including Wedding parties and Travel Agents, Day Visitors
- Handles problem-solving issues per the Guest Recovery Program. The report backup is submitted to shore-side Guest Relations at end of voyage.
- Responsible for handling guest stateroom change requests. The practice of charging guests for upgrades according to company policy should be adhered to, unless upgrades are given for problem solving
- Adherence by staff to the company’s grooming policy and of wearing the proper uniform is a must. Standards in this area are closely monitored and appropriate action must be taken with anyone not in compliance.
- Follow-up on daily matters recorded in Guest Concerns. A summary is maintained and at the end of each voyage a copy is forwarded to shore-side Guest Relations.
- Responsible for recording all incidents in a voyage report each cruise that documents the situation and the action/response taken. A copy of the voyage report and related backup is forwarded shore-side.
- Verifies that accurate stateroom status and guest accounting information is maintained and properly communicated to the Chief Financial Accountant and Financial Accountant.
- Attends the Hotel Director’s meeting and relays this information to the Guest Services staff accordingly. At the same time ensures the staff is informed of any group requests, special events, or special requests for a particular voyage.
- Conducts a weekly meeting with the Guest Services Staff and forwards a copy of the meeting minutes to the Manager, Hotel Operations.
- Keeps a check on manning levels to maintain a balance of experience and language capabilities determined by Nationality Reports.
- Encourages cross-training and cross-promotion of members of the Guest Services team and crew wishing to join from other departments.
- Ensures the Guest Services Staff balances their cash boxes on a daily basis, as well as audits their cash boxes on a weekly basis in conjunction with the Financial Department.
- Ensures the Guest Services Desk, back offices, and lobby area is kept organized, clean and tidy and that all equipment within the department is kept in good working order.
- Reviews the Maintenance Control Log on a daily basis and ensures the Guest Services team are entering Maintenance Requests correctly and following the call back system. Reoccurring problems in the Maintenance Control Log are to be escalated immediately to maintain a high-level of guest satisfaction and to avoid complaints.
- Responsible for lost and found items turned in at the Guest Services Desk, ensuring that proper in and out records/signatures are maintained. At the end of the voyage all unclaimed lost and found items are forwarded to the Lost and Found department in Miami along with an itemized list.
- Responsible for assisting guests with lost luggage. Acts as a liaison between guests and shore-side operators to locate the luggage and to provide guests with an OBC credit (if warranted), complimentary laundry, follow-up information concerning the status and location of the luggage, providing guests with clothing if available.
- In association with Housekeeping ensures all aspects of disembarkation are well planned, efficient, and that guests are well informed about luggage procedures, transfers, documentation, Customs & Immigration, BAGS program, Easy Walk-Off Disembarkation etc.
- Responsible to control the Service Charge Adjustment forms and ensures senior hotel management if appropriate meets the guests with a view to keeping SCA as low as possible.
- Performs other related duties as assigned or as directed. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.


- Four-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Hotel Management from a recognized hotel institution is required.
- Minimum two years experience in Hotel establishment positions; or two years experience in related hotel positions on board ships.
- Customer Service/Guest Relations oriented and well organized with excellent supervisory skills.
- Intermediate verbal and writing skills in at least one other language such as Mandarin, German, Spanish, French or Italian is preferred.
- Advanced level English verbal and writing skills, including the proper use of English grammar.
- Intermediate to Advanced skills in typing and computer software skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Fidelio Cruise, Micros).