Cruise Ship Assistant Baker


Overview: The Assistant Baker will have the responsibility to prepare all the mise en place and other various preparation needed to complete his task in the given time. He will need to be familiar with the bakery section in order to be effective and productive.


- Prepare bakery items as per given recipes and instructions from the Head Baker.
- Will work with the Head Baker or Pastry Chef in the Bakery Dept or Specialty Pastry and can change from time to time for training purposes.
- Must assist with the transportation of food items from the Main Stores to the Galley.
- Duties include the cleaning and sanitizing of his/her working area and working utensils following the United States Public Health Rules at Regulations and all times.
- Must be familiar with the Ship’s Rules and Regulations and participate in all required Safety Training Emergency Life Boat Drills.



- Personality and Appearance: Must have a pleasant and courteous personality. Must be well groomed, and presentable.
- Age and Health: Minimum age should be twenty-three (23) years old. Physically fit and in good health, without any previous record of any medical problems, drugs and alcoholism. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs (30 Kilos) on a daily basis and able to work a minimum of ten hours per day, seven days a week.
- Professional Experience and Education: Standard High School Education. Requires a minimum of two years in the profession (Quality Hotels or Bakery). Must have the basic bakery knowledge in order to perform his tasks properly and in timely manner.
- Communication and Language Skills: Must be able to read and speak English clearly in order to interpret documents such as recipes and manuals. Other languages are considered a plus.
- Work Ethic: Must be a serious professional and take great pride in his/her work. Adherence to the Company’s Rules and Regulations is a must for his/her success on the job.