Surveillance Manager



Full responsibility of the entire Surveillance Operations of the Ship. Shall also work closely with the Captain, Staff Captain, Hotel Director, Chief Engineer and Casino Manager in maintaining the integrity of the shipboard operation.
It is the primary responsibility of the Surveillance Manager and Surveillance team to protect the company's assets, and to assist the onboard and shore side management of the company in ensuring the safety and security of passengers and crew, the strict adherence to the company's SEMS and other operating procedures, and the maximizing of company profitability.


- Real time surveillance observations where the safety and/or the security of the ship/passengers/crew are in immediate jeopardy should be reported immediately to the bridge by either the Surveillance Manager or his delegate. These verbal reports are to be followed by written reports.
- The Surveillance Manager is to observe, record, and report. Obtaining this information includes not only the monitoring of video feeds for example on board cameras but also includes 'live' surveillance while walking around the ship in both passenger and crew areas, as well as listening to any comments passengers or crew may have to offer.
- Complete audits and risk assessments of outlet stock movements and sales.
- Report non-compliance with the company's policies and procedures by officers and crew.
- Make recommendations for enhancing SEMS Procedures and the overall integrity of the ship board operation.
- Ensure timely reviews of incidents and or accidents involving both crew and passengers are recorded and reported.
- Have a good familiarity with the ship security plan and general SEMS procedures.
- Ensure all safety drills are monitored and recorded.
- Ensure all bunkering, storage, and baggage handling activities are monitored and recorded.
- Ensure that all tender operations are monitored and recorded.
- Ensure that all red zone operations are monitored and recorded.
- Ensure that during port time operations monitoring of adherence to the ship security plan is undertaken.
- Ensure that the staff is properly instructed in basic safety rules, ship's organization, and duty requirements.
- Ensure that the Surveillance staff is well briefed on their emergency duties and that the ship familiarization check List is completed.
- Ensure that the Surveillance staff is instructed in policies and procedures including fraternization and discipline related matters.
- Ensure that shift change handover documents detailing significant events of the day and any other information relevant to the operation are maintained.
- Ensure that Surveillance staff are complying with work hours and completing time sheets as per STCW requirement.
- Ensure that a daily log is maintained with details including red zone operations, tender operations, embarkation and disembarkation processes, communication to and from the bridge and any other departments, and observations that may result in more specific reports.
- Ensure that all Surveillance equipment is in good working order, checked daily and all malfunctions are reported within 24 hours of notification of failure
- Ensure that all observations that record a reportable matter are maintained on a specific incident, occurrence, or safety related tape. These tapes are to be retained indefinitely.
- Performs other related duties as assigned or as directed. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.



- The Surveillance Manager's role is centered on managing on-board Surveillance operations and reporting on the integrity of the Ship Board operation.
- There is no functional reporting line between the Surveillance Manager and any Ship board officer, matters relating to the Surveillance manager's personal integrity (for example Safety or Disciplinary related matters) are the responsibility of the Staff Captain. The Surveillance Manager reports to the Director of Surveillance and Security.