Assistant Baker



- The Assistant Baker is responsible for delivering products of the highest quality in terms of freshness, taste, and consistency, with strict adherence to Public Health /FDA guidelines.
- Assistant Bakers are responsible for procuring ingredients, scaling, preparing, and baking in accordance with standardized procedures and corporate specifications.
- He/she reports directly to the Chief Baker.
- The Assistant Baker is responsible for following all standardized procedures, safety regulations, and notifying the Chief Baker or Baker of any shortages or discrepancies in products or ingredients.
- The Assistant Baker is responsible for keeping their immediate work area clean at all times.


• Knowledge of all basic baking techniques and skills
• Knowledge of basic equipment including: Balance scales, mixers, and ovens
• Basic knowledge of formulas and measurements including gluten development
• Comprehensive knowledge of starches, fats, sugars, liquids, eggs, leavening agents, salt, and flavorings
• Ability to utilize and understand different types of yeasts and mixing methods
• 1+ year of experience in bakery (may be combined with formal culinary training)

• High School Diploma or Equivalent required
• Culinary School 2-4 year degree or foreign equivalency preferred