- The Butcher ensures a successful link between the Chief Butcher and the butcher shop and fish room.
- His/her primary role includes a professional, hands-on approach, which involves: leading, training, and demonstrating exemplary culinary skills and knowledge.
- He/she is directly responsible for all culinary aspects in the kitchen and staff including inventories, set-up, preparation, food quality, breakdown, and Public Health sanitation.
- The Butcher is accountable for ensuring all company policies, procedures, and recipes are followed consistently.
- He/she is responsible for documenting and communicating with the Chief Butcher and/or the Executive Chef’s personal assistant in regards to variances, exceptions, and maintenance issues.
- The Butcher is responsible to be prepared for additional culinary contingencies, which may occur within his/her outlet or in another outlet/venue.



*Knowledge of all basic cooking techniques and skills, including:
- Knife skills, basic cuts, all cooking methods
*Knowledge of basic equipment including:
- Grinder and slicer
* Comprehensive understanding of composition, structure, and quality factors of all proteins
* Comprehension of how structural factors including muscle, fibers, and connective techniques impact appropriate cooking methods, recipes, and fabrication
* Comprehension of inspection criteria, quality grading, and yield grading
* Comprehension of aging process including green meat
* Ability to fabricate all proteins and understand storage requirements and implications
* 1+ year of experience in a butcher shop (may be combined with formal culinary training)


- High School Diploma or Equivalent
- Culinary School 2-4 year degree or foreign equivalency