Medical Operations Traveling Trainer - RN


PRIMARY JOB FUNCTION: Training and development of shipboard medical staff to increase compliance with Fleet Medical and company policies and procedures, including clinical practice and operations, internal and external reporting and documentation, and inventory management.

1. Assesses shipboard medical departments to verify compliance with Fleet Medical Operations policies and procedures
2. Provides orientation for and serves as learning resource for new Medical Officers and Lead Medical Officers
3. Ensures Medical Operations standardization between vessels fleetwide
4. Verifies compliance with external reporting requirements including MIDRS, Health Canada, port health declarations
5. Reviews patient and clinical operations documentation and enforces company standards for same
6. Trains staff and serves as learning resource for all computer-based documentation  and reporting, including Adapx, Mattrac, eVoyage, MIDRS
7. Assists staff in learning to utilize web-based corporate and medical resources (eFleet) and subscription services including PEPID, TIM, GIDEON, ePocrates, OCI Port Facility Database
8. Assists with development of staff orientation materials for LMS and onboard use, including written manuals and training videos
9. Provides project and administrative support to Corporate Fleet Medical Operations
10. Reviews and suggests updates to medical Department policy and procedure materials including MR-350, ODs and other corporate directives
11. Provides feedback on staff performance to Corporate Fleet Medical Operations
12. Ensures compliance with infectious disease policies and procedures including GIS Matrix and Respiratory Surveillance protocol, and provide operational support and oversight during outbreaks
13. Oversight of shipboard Medical Department inventory management and budget compliance
14. Assessment and preparation for internal and external audits including USCG, USPH, HESS, Lloyds


· Registered nurse with minimum of 3 years as Lead Medical Officer with the cruise line (HAL)
· Strong computer skills including all Microsoft Office programs, web-based reporting and clinical resource programs
· Excellent interpersonal, networking and communication skills
· Strong organizational skills with attention to detail
· Strong teaching skills with ability to adapt to learner’s needs
· Excellent writing skills and ability to write and produce operational documents
· Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines
· Ability to multitask and handle quickly changing priorities