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Job Purpose: Carry on the main entertainment attraction in the Disco. Helps creating the best atmosphere during his performances.

Key Accountabilities

- Operating the entertainment equipment in the discotheque always keeping in mind that the equipment is the property of the ship and it is used under the control of the Engine Department.

- showing maximum attention and care of the equipment and security procedures on board, being aware that any incorrect usage or modifications to circuits may cause serious damage and danger to the personnel involved.

- assisting the adult, children and teen cruise staff during the activities organised in the discotheque, preparing the technical equipment and checking the quality of the musical programme in such a way that they are suitable for the activity in question.

- reporting to the Head Technician any and all problems concerning equipment, following Company procedures.

- verifying, in case of ship visit from shore-side technical personnel or an inspection, if the technical equipments are planned. He/she is always present to furnish the necessary support and assistance.

- keeping tidy his/her place of work and equipment lockers assigned. Showing maximum respect for the equipment, not leaving lying around objects which could be lost, stolen or damaged.

- adapting the musical content to the tastes of the Guests present, with regard to the song lists required and their proper mixing.

- collaborating with the Animation Team organizing special events or theme evenings.


- High School Diploma.

- Experience in clubs or disco on land or on other ships.

- Basic Sound and Light expertise. Computer literate.

- Fluent in English.

Education: High School or equivalent
Career Level: Entry Level
Category: Entertainment
Job Type: Onboard