Technical Inventory Controller


Job Summary:

- Technical Inventory Controller
- Responsible for the upkeep of marine stores and the ordering of materials and equipment through AMOS.

Responsibility and Authority

- Commit to the Company's Core Values – carry out daily activities following the R.I.T.E. way – Respect, Integrity, Trust and Excellence are the foundation of all our actions, every day, in everything we do.
- Assume personal responsibility for safety and the environment. Be accountable for themselves and the safety of others in their vicinity. Environmental consciousness forms one part of this accountability.
- Responsible to Chief Engineer and Staff Chief Engineer for administering the inventory and ordering system.
- Responsible for all stores and supplies for Engine department and assist Deck department as required.
- Responsible for maintaining an orderly and rational storage system, continuous updating of spare parts, material and consumable stores.
- When a purchase requisition is made, it is then directed to the Chief Electrical Engineer, Refrigeration Engineer, 1st Engineer & Staff Chief Engineer for initial approval. Final approval of the requisition to be made by Chief Engineer in AMOS.
- Responsible for receiving all stores for engine department. Making sure received parts are labeled correctly and placed in their designated area in storage rooms as soon as possible, max 72 hours after receipt onboard, and that parts are marked accordingly to its store location utilizing the AMOS system.
- All received parts to be controlled against purchase order and received in the AMOS system. Inquire about missing or wrong deliveries to purchasing department, (detailed description in PO receiving guide)
- AMOS System to be kept up to date at all times on the spare parts and purchasing side. Responsible to maintain the integrity of the stores and the accuracy of inventory, quantity and location, thus the stores must never be left un-attended.
- Adjustment of order levels has to be approved by the Chief Engineer or Staff Captain together with Tech superintendent and purchasing department.
- Conduct actual inventory control of selected spare parts groups versus the AMOS stock control according to the scheduled AMOS work-orders, These work-orders must not be overdue.
- Monthly report on progress of component/spare parts inventoried in percentages must be submitted to the Chief Engineer and also leave copies to the relieving storekeeper.
- Maintains and updates records of spare gear and stores held in stock.
- Controls the issue of stores and spare gear.
- Maintains the store in clean and tidy conditions, paying particular attention to spare gear held on long-term basis.
- Preventing spares and tools from being damaged due to poor handling or exposure to moisture.
- Any spillage or cause of pollution is promptly reported and adequately controlled and cleaned.
- Implement all safe working practices in all tasks, including proper use of watertight doors, handling of chemical products and usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
- Any additional duties as directed by the Staff Chief Engineer.
- All other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience

* Graduate of Technical education, preferably maritime experience as engineer assistant or repairman.
* Experience on vessels in equivalent position.
* Technical Storekeepers from related industry for at least 3 years can be considered.
* Must have good computer skills and computer literate in Microsoft Word & Excel. And AMOS Planned Maintenance System.
Fluent in English (Written and Verbal)
* Knowledge of the Company SMS.
* Must be familiar with the PCH SMS Policy, including his responsibilities in safety organization according to the Station Bill & * Emergency Plan and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position.

Skills including but not limited to:
- Team Work
- Engine Room Experience