Sous Chef


Overview: The major goal of the position is to assist the Executive Chef in the supervision of the Galleys operation in line with the Company’s Rules and regulations.


- Each Sous-Chef will be assigned a schedule and area of the Galleys by the Executive Chef/Chef and will be held accountable for the results.

- Will work very closely with the Assistant Food Manager or Buffet Manager in order to accomplish tasks related to Equipment control and maintenance as well as USPH Rules and regulations training and re-enforcement.

- Will work with the Chef to establish working schedules for all Cooks.

- Will monitor all Cooks’ working hours and fill out report of overtime for payroll purposes.

- Must be knowledgeable with the established quality standards and Company Policies in order to supervise his or her subordinates.

- Must have a complete knowledge of the United States Public Health Rules and Regulations and ensure that they are followed throughout the entire operation on a daily basis.

- Ensures the Galley cleaning schedule set up by the Executive Chef/Chef is followed by everyone after each service, exercising proper methods to minimize equipment damages.

- Responsible for the control and maintenance of all equipment distributed to the cooks that need to be cleaned and sanitized after each service and returned to the Chef’ Office.

- Ensures that all Cooks are in proper, well-maintained uniforms, with special attention to those working in public areas.

- Personal appearance and hygiene must be according to Company policy.

- Ensure that the Galley is ready for any announced or unannounced USPH inspections done either by the Ships’ Management or USPH inspectors.

- Will give proper training to the new crewmembers and follow up on their progress.

- Responsible for maintaining the quality and consistency in taste according with recipes and photos provided by the Main Office.

- Communicates daily with the Provision Master to check on product availability and current food cost.

- Monitor the food production and record the leftover covers using the provided forms.

- Must collect and file all the daily re-caps compiled by the Heads of the Sub- Departments.

- Control and provide daily food requisitions to the Provision Master for the next day preparation according to the Executive Chef forecast.

- Ensure that the Cooks from the storeroom to the Galleys observe the Company’s Rules and
Regulations to transport properly all provisions.

- Responsible for the Breakdown of Buffets and Food Lines giving direct instructions of what food should be kept and what should be disposed.

- Responsible for the set up of the Food Line for the Restaurant Personnel ensuring that there is enough variety and quantity.

- Must issue requisitions for all the Catering equipment necessary for the smooth running of the operation.

- Must ensure the HACCP program is carried out correctly.

- Must be present in an early standby each time the ship is subject to have a USPH inspection.



- Participates in safety drills according to instructions.

- Complies with Island Cruises’ safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures.

- Education/Training Culinary School degree and a minimum of five years experience as First Cook/Sous Chef in a Hotel or Convention Banqueting Service.

- Language requirements: Must be able to read and speak clearly in English

- Computer knowledge: Microsoft Word & Excel.