Bar Utility


Overview: Assist the Bartenders in keeping the bars and pantries clean, organized, and well supplied.


Before the bar opens:
- Bring the Bartenders requisition orders from the stores to the bars.
- Make sure bar stock is orderly.
- Ensure that there is always adequate supply of glassware.
- Transport ice for bartenders and bar waiters in Lean box or ice chest with lid.
- Keep soap and rinse-aid stocked for glass washing machine.
- Ensure adequate supply of hand soap and towels are at the hand sinks.
- Keep bars and bar pantries clean and orderly as per U.S.P.H. regulations.

During Your Shift:
- Operate glass washing machine, utilizing the proper racks for the intended glassware. Watch out for broken or chipped glasses and be sure to take them out of circulation. Return clean glasses to their appropriate places.
- Keep ice bin replenished as needed.
- Retrieve all Bar Department glassware (except for wine and champagne glasses) from the main galley glass-washing area and store them in the appropriate racks in the bars.
- Assist with garbage disposal according to weekly schedule.

End of your Shift:
- Help bartenders store leftovers in the refrigerator.
- Pack coolers with beer and soda for next day’s consumption.
- Sweep and mop the floors.
- Make sure the bar is spotless, as per regulations.


- Safety: Must be familiar with the ship’s rules and regulations and participates in all required Safety Training and Emergency Life Boat Drills.
- Participates in the In Port Manning Schedule assigned by the Bar Manager.
- Complies with company safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures.
- Education / Training: Minimum of 1year beverage related service experience.
- Language requirements: Fluent English