Chief Electro Technical Engineer


.Job Summary

The Chief Electro Technical Officer is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the electrical plant and associated electrical systems.

Responsibility and Authority

* Commit to the Company’s Core Values – carry out daily activities following the R.I.T.E. way – Respect, Integrity, Trust and Excellence are the foundation of all our actions, every day, in everything we do.
* Assume personal responsibility for safety and the environment. Be accountable for themselves and the safety of others in their vicinity. Environmental consciousness forms one part of this accountability.
* The Chief Electro Technical Officer shall ensure that the electrical plant and associated systems are properly operated and maintained in accordance with the applicable regulations and Company standards. The installation must at all times be in compliance with the regulations.
* Supervise and coordinate the repair and maintenance performed by the electrical staff.
* Communicate efficiently with the other departments on the ship to ensure the electrical systems are efficiently maintained and are available to ensure passenger comfort.
* Regular reporting to update Chief Engineer of any issues with the electrical system.
* Be present in the Engine Control Room during maneuver, drills and emergencies unless properly relieved.
* The Chief Electro Technical Officer must be familiar with the safety routines and ensure that the necessary safeguards are in place before any maintenance/repair work commences.
* Specific Areas of Responsibility include but are not limited to the following:
- Main Propulsion System.
- Electrical Power Generation and Distribution.
- Electrical Safety Systems including Lifeboats, Winches, Low Location Lighting etc.
- Engine Room Electrics.
- Ship’s Automation System.
- Hotel Areas Electrical Systems including Galleys and Laundries.
- Bridge Navigational Systems
- Communication Systems including internal and external
* Be fully versed in the Company’s SMS Procedures and Routines with particular attention to the following areas:
- SMS/DEH/P003 and associated Circulars - implement and use the permit to work system, especially Lock Out and Tag Out
- SMS/DEH/P017 - Member of the Shipboard Senior Management Meeting.
- SMS/DEH/P031 - Member of the Shipboard Safety Committee.
- SMS/DEH/P019 - Crew Training on the Job for the electrical staff.
- SMS/E/P004 - Supervise training of electrical staff that are newly assigned to a ship.
- SMS/DEH/P023 - For persons under their functional area, ensure that safety training is provided to persons belonging to Contractors or third parties working on board while the ship is under way.
- SMS/DEH/P021 regarding passenger safety.
- SMS/E/P005 - Prepare a handover report prior leaving the vessel.
- SMS/DEH/P015 and SMS/E/P009 - Carry out checks of cooking and food preparation appliances.
- SMS/DEH/P018 - Carry out checks of forklifts and pallet jacks.
- SMS/DEH/P022 - Carry out duties related to elevator cleaning procedures.
- SMS/E/P010 - Assist Chief Engineer in providing information for assigned areas to the Engine Department Monthly Condition Report.
- SMS/E/P011 - Carry out periodic inspection of elevators


Education and Experience

* 5-6 years relevant experience
* Fluent in English (written and verbal)
* 3 years experience on passenger vessels.
* Propulsion Maintenance and Repair Certification/Experience.
* MV Voltage Certification/Experience.
* Elevator Maintenance and Repair Certification/Experience.
* Full knowledge and understanding of the Company SMS.
* Thorough knowledge of the vessel he/she is assigned to.

Leadership and managerial skills including but not limited to:
- Seamanship
- Decision Making
- Team Building
- Coaching and Counseling
- Communication
- Conflict Resolution
- Budgeting
- Time Management
- Computer Literacy
- Customer Service