Production Cast - Show Dancers


This production company auditions for two types of casts onboard luxury cruise ships: “SPECIALY SHOW AUDITION” (requiring singers with Broadway, national tour or legit opera credits and tall showgirls) OR our “Production Show Auditions” (requiring versatile singers and dancers).

Video audition guidelines:

MALE AND FEMALE DANCERS: Experienced in jazz and ballet. Tap, gymnastic and acting a plus.

Please say your name and the city and state you live in at the beginning of your video and say something about yourself and why you want to dance on a cruise ship so your speaking voice can be heard and the agency can learn something about your personality. Please mention if you sing, too.

Record a combination showing what you can do as a dancer. Be sure to display as much technique and extension as possible. The actual length of the combination is up to you.

Men also show switch or scissors, switch seconds, tumbling and tap (triple time step or combo).

Women also show pointe work if comfortable on pointe and tap (triple time step or combo).

Please include video footage of previous show work that may help us determine your level of experience.

And please include an 8 X 10 head shot or other photo and a resume including your performance experience.