Broadcast Manager-Videographer


Overall Objective

• To create interesting and informative videos to broadcast on the ships TV system as well as form a basis for DVD’s sold in the ships Boutique.
• Oversees the content and operation of the ALLIN INTERACTIVE TV systems onboard. Also inputs itinerary into ITV system for each voyage, and monitors all TV channels and sources
• Ensures that ITV system of Procedures and Responsibilities is carried out as per the instruction sheet
• Monitors and adjusts the satellite receivers/decoders as necessary due to ships position and programming content required
• Perform minor technical repairs if capable – if not capable approaches ships electricians for advice and assistance
• Video tapes and edits all events onboard that require the use of the broadcast camera
• Proof Read all movie descriptions to ensure that they are correct in both grammar and informative content
• Create and maintain a hard drive file of all video content for archival purposes onboard.
• Conducting regular maintenance checks of all broadcast equipment and reporting any maintenance issue to supervisor for proper action


• Understands, operates and maintains the video camera and editing software available onboard. * Excellent Video and sound editing skills to ensure maximum quality of broadcast footage is achieved at all times.
• Well organized; a multi-tasker
• Able to manage a team
• Video Editing and Filming Background
• Basic Satellite operational knowledge
• Basic Electronics Skills
• Used to dealing with special requests and used to achieving results
• Great at customer service and building positive relations with guests and colleagues
• Ability to work under pressure and maintain a pleasant working environment
• In depth knowledge of theatrical support systems
• Excellent communication skills.
• Outgoing personality, open minded and flexible;
• Ability to work in an international environment;
• Excellent appearance