In accordance with the department policies and under the supervision of the Doctor, the Nurse provides a professional nursing service for guests and crewmembers and maintains a high standard of clinical sanitation of the medical facility on board.


• Opens and closes the hospital in accordance with the schedule set by MSC Cruises;
• Maintains the Medical Centre in a permanent state of sanitary cleanliness;
• Maintains accurate inventory of medical supplies;
• Provides to the Corporate Office an accurate and comprehensive report of unavailable and/or expired medicines and supplies at the end of every cruise;
• Immediately reports any damage or failure of medical equipment to the Doctor;
• Performs water analysis and testing, following the standard procedure;
• Performs tests and examination if required and in accordance with Doctor’s instructions;
• Ensures all batteries associated with emergency equipment are fully charged;
• Operates shore side first-aid service in ports where guests and/or crew may not have access to regular emergency services.


Skills, competencies, experience.

• Fluent English, oral and written. Any additional European language is considered an advantage (Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French);
• University degree in Nursing;
• At least 2 years’ experience in a similar role at sea or ashore;
• Experience of emergency equipment: defibrillator, oxygen delivery system, blood analysis, basic lab tests and x-ray machinery;
• Fundamental knowledge of all Sanitation Standards relating to medical requirements;
• Sound knowledge of responsibilities in relation to food, water and air safety;
• Teamwork;
• STCW95 certification is compulsory (basic fire fighting, personal survival techniques, elementary first aid, personal security and social responsibility);
• A recognised medical certification is required before starting to work on board.


• Possess a valid passport and when possible a seaman book copy.