Entry-Level Hotel Housekeeping Manager


Entry level management positions are available for recent graduates of hospitality programs to be introduced to management in a luxury hotel setting. Housekeeping Managers find a range of job disciplines available to quickly build a solid management foundation and advance within the company.

As a manager, your immediate responsibility will be to manage a team of 10 to 20 stewards in daily housekeeping duties, including the servicing of guest rooms. Maintaining the highest standards requires you to be a strong leader and confident leader. This is a hands on position with a robust training program to give you the skills needed to tackle the job.

Launching A Career with the Cruise Line:

* Management Training – As a new manager, you will receive training in company values, tequiniques, conflict resolution, and management style. You will also have the resources of our shoreside operations managers to assist with decision making and overcoming challenges.

* A Well-Rounded Experience – As the Housekeeping Manager, youw ill have responsibilities around the whole ship. You will quickly gain experience for all areas of the hotel environment and understand all roles on the ship.

* Travel – This is a unique opportunity to see the United States. We visit 28 states throughout the year and you will have a chance to visist some of the most beautiful and famous areas in our country. While traveling all expenses are covered for you, so this is also a fantastic way to save money.

* Upward Mobility – This is a entry-level management position designed to give you the skills and experience you need to move up. From a housekeeping management role, you can move to F&B Management, General Hotel Management, or Shoreside management positions in the company home offices. We love to promote from within.

* Commitment to Excellence - We are the leading United States cruise line. Each of our actions is for the safety and comfort of our guests. We provide a customized experience for each guests and respond to individual requests quickly and with courtesy.


* Manage team in daily guest room and public space cleaning
* Quality control through room inspections
* Customer service and fast response to guest requests
* Training stewards in company cleaning procedures
* Maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction



* Bachelor’s degree in hospitality or business management
* Past hotel internship or housekeeping experience
* Pass a US Coast Guard required a pre-employment drug test. We are also an alcohol free company.
* Can meet moderate physical demands, including lifting, bending, climbing, and long periods of standing or walking.
* Enthusiastic and always maintains a positive attitude