Clergy - Catholic Priests


A prestigious cruise line accommodates diversified religious needs with the onboard clergy program. Ships that are at sea or in a foreign port on Sunday generally provide the passengers with on board church services performed by Catholic Priests and/or Protestant Ministers. This is especially true for religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter. If the need arises, Rabbis are also employed for the Jewish holidays. This is not normally a paid position, but rather a working vacation in which the clergymen render their services for the opportunity to cruise.

Catholic Priests are placed on all cruises.

Must be members of the Apostleship of the Sea (

Generally the cruise lines assign clergy as cruise chaplains with free passage. Considered passengers, the clergy couples have a room assigned to them and all the amenities provided for passengers. They are responsible for their own transportation to the embarkation port and will not receive remuneration. However, they are richly rewarded because in addition to travel they also share in the joy of ministry. Meeting and ministering to people aboard ship is priceless.