Chef de Partie Pinnacle Grill


Primary Function: Assists the Pinnacle grill Chef in directing the activities of food for service to guest’s and crew in the Pinnacle grill.

Reports To: Pinnacle Grill Chef

Major Responsibilities:

1. Assist the Pinnacle Grill Chef in directing and supervising the preparation of and service for all food served in the Pinnacle Grill in accordance with the established company's menus and recipes.
2. Follows standard corporate recipes and assists Pinnacle Grill Chef to ensure all Pinnacle Grill staff follows set standards during the preparation of all food items in the Pinnacle.
3. Assists the Pinnacle Grill Chef in executing food handling and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH standards. Follows all HACCP procedures as set by company.
4. Responsible for quality, quantity, attractiveness and correctness of all food items served as per company's standards.
5. Assists the Pinnacle Grill Chef in directing, supervising and training of all employees assigned to the kitchen/Pinnacle organization.
10. Assists the Pinnacle Grill Chef in checking that quantity and quality of items ordered from stores are received and stored in proper condition according to USPH procedures and thereafter used in accordance to standard recipes, reporting any discrepancies to Pinnacle Grill Chef.
11. Assists Pinnacle Grill Chef with implementing all menu cycles for food service in the Pinnacle Grill.
12. Assists Pinnacle Grill Chef to implement, execute and supervise proper maintenance and cleaning procedures in the Pinnacle galley in order to ensure good appearance and condition of these areas.
13. Reports any malfunctioning equipment or furnishings in need of repair or refurbishing to the Pinnacle Grill Chef.
14. Helps maintain a high level of productivity, cleanliness and sanitation throughout the entire kitchen operation.
16. Assists Pinnacle Grill Chef to closely supervise and inspect the Pinnacle Grill galley for operation and cleanup after each service period according to USPH procedures, helps conduct inspections with the Pinnacle Grill Chef of his complete area of responsibility before every American and Canadian port.
17. Practices visible management during all meal hours to ensure an efficient food operation for both guest’s and crew.
19. Assists the Pinnacle Grill Chef with the overall responsibility for the food being served in the Neptune lounge, insuring that the Neptune lounge food cycle is followed as per the corporate guidelines, presentation is followed as per corporate photos provided and the freshness and taste is of the highest standards. Making sure adequate supplies are provided.
20. Assists the Pinnacle Grill Chef on stores loading days checking that the quality is to the standard expected and the correct quantities are delivered.
21. Helps the Pinnacle Grill Chef to manage the Pinnacle Grill crew by ensuring all company standards are met and crew are functioning as a cohesive team and unit.


Hiring Criteria:
 Required: 3+ years experience in a fine dining restaurant serving similar cuisine and performing the functions of a similar position.
 Required: 2+ year experience in a supervisory position preferably in a multi-nationality setting with a proven ability to provide orientation and training.
 Required: Proven ability to provide culinary supervision, training and delegation of at least 5 culinary subordinates.
 Required: Experience in high volume operation of at least 100 meals per service.
 Required: Certification from accredited advanced food safety program. Extensive knowledge in VSP preferred.
 Required: Extensive kitchen machinery and knife safety knowledge.
 Required: Experience working in all major culinary brigade stations with extensive knowledge in designated station.
 Required: Ability to effectively read, write and speak English.
 Preferred: Degree from accredited culinary college or university.
 Preferred: Working knowledge of computers and the ability to navigate within a variety of software programs.