Electrical Engineer / Electrician


Job Description and Duties: Responsible for the proper maintenance and repairs of the electrical systems on board the cruise ship as directed by the Chief Electrical Engineer; The responsibility for maintenance and repairs of the ship's various electrical systems/equipment is distributed among the electrical engineers/ electricians according to their specific

- The ship's electrical equipment/ systems maintained by the electricians include (but are not limited to) machineries inside the engine room, emergency and auxiliary generators, emergency and auxiliary switchboards, ship's stabilizers, electrical installations of lifeboats and rescue boats, fire alarm and fire door control systems, lifeboats, mooring and anchor winches, CO2 system, ship's public address and public clock systems, laundry equipment, swimming pool and jacuzzy systems

- All electrical engineers work under the direct supervision of The Chief Electrician


- Completed education as electrical, electronic, or power engineer (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or equivalent university or college degree is preferred, but not mandatory
- Work experience on board ships is preferred, but not mandatory
- Computer literacy and good verbal and written command of the English language