1st Engineer


Job Description and Duties: Responsible for the daily maintenance and operations of the engineering and technical aspects of the vessel as directed by The Chief Engineer and Staff Chief Engineer; Directly responsible for all work performed in the engine room and for the maintenance of the main and auxiliary engines of the cruise ship

- Supervises and works in close cooperation with the 2nd and 3rd engineers, engine cadet and engine ratings and is also responsible for their on-the-job training, thus ensuring safe working conditions
- Reports to the Staff Chief Engineer and the Chief Engineer of the ship
- The other duties of the First Engineer include, but are not limited to scheduling and assigning the daily work of subordinate engineers and engine ratings, keeping track of their regular and overtime working hours, ensuring that all machinery, fighting and safety equipment within the engine room is working properly and according to the company standards and international safety regulations
- Responsible for overseeing the bunkering of fuel and lubrication oil and transferring from the ship to a barge or shore based facilities of used oil, sludge and residual liquids used by the ship's engineering equipment.


- STCW-95 approved 1st Engineer unlimited Certificate of Competency
- Experience as a first engineer or a second engineer on board ships
- Degree in Mechanical or Marine Engineering from accredited maritime school or equivalent
- Excellent verbal and written command of the English language