2nd Officer


Job Description and Duties: The 2nd Officer is a Navigation and Watch Keeping Officer and Bridge Team Member; Reports to the Master and to the Staff Captain; During his/her watch the 2nd Officer is representing the Master and is in command on the bridge; Responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel.

- During the watch adheres to the emergency procedures and monitors bridge equipment and watertight doors status
- Ensure that the bridge is operated in accordance with all applicable regulations and company policies, during all prevailing circumstances and conditions
- Updates the various bridge logs - Bridge Log Book, Garbage Log Book, Ballast Log, etc.
- Assist the lower-ranked deck Officers in in familiarization with the bridge instruments and equipment
- While the ship is in port the Watch Keeping Officer observes gangways, supervises the moorings and is aware of any significant work in progress as well as monitors the in-port manning duties
- When the ship is anchored the OOW makes sure that tender operations are performed in a safe manner and according to schedule
- Responsible for the ship's stability system during the watch
- Assists the Safety Officer with related crew training and participates in safety drills


- Unlimited Officer of the Watch license plus all required STCW 95 certificates
- Diploma from an accredited maritime training school or facility
- Minimum 6 months experience as a Deck Officer on board ships and up to date experience of all current navigational electronics and computerized equipment
- Very good verbal and written command of the English language
- Computer literacy - basic Windows based programs
- Good administration skills and ability to prioritise
- Decision Making, coaching and team building skills