1st Officer Navigation


Job Summary

- Vessel’s Navigator Officer
- Watch keeping Officer – On behalf of the Master, in command during his/hers watch
- Bridge Team Member
- Direct reporting responsibility to the Master in respect of Passage Plan planning and operational status of all navigational equipment or associated components

Responsibility and Authority

- Commit to the Company’s Core Values – carry out daily activities following the R.I.T.E. way – Respect, Integrity, Trust and Excellence are the foundation of all our actions, every day, in everything we do.
- Assume personal responsibility for safety and the environment. Be accountable for themselves and the safety of others in their vicinity. Environmental consciousness forms one part of this accountability.
- Safety of Navigation.
- When vessel in port, comply with procedures.
- When on watch enter in the deck logbook time and location of entry whenever Enclosed Spaces Permit is issued.
- When on watch directly responsible for carrying out the preparation work and signing off on the assigned sections of the Works Underwater permit.
- When on watch provide positive report regarding the Bridge readiness.
- During the watch monitor the Watertight Doors status.
- During the watch adhere to Emergency Procedures.
- Consult with the Master and assess accurate weather forecasts and navigational warnings for the relevant area prior departure.
- Prepare for the pilot card information sheet.
- Assist in Familiarization With the Vessel of lower-ranked deck Officers.
- To prepare a handover report prior leaving the vessel.
- When on watch cooperate to ensure Safe Access to the Vessel.
- Repair and maintain the electronic instruments and navigational equipment, in cooperation with the Technical Department.
- Ensure that the navigational charts required for the itinerary and for planning are available on board.
- Inform the Master of navigational progress during the voyage cruise including speed and other relevant matters.
- Correct and update the nautical publications and charts up to the latest appropriate Notice to Mariners/correction available.
- Ensure that cancelled charts are clearly marked as such and removed from the bridge.
- Comply with all requirements of the SMS – checklists, etc.
- Maintain the vessel’s flag inventory.
- Maintain pyrotechnics, signaling equipment and appliances.
- Training and auditing of new bridge officers’ familiarization to the bridge equipment.
- Notify all Department Heads on time zone changes.
- Daily calculations of sunrise and sunset times and delivery of this information to the Cruise Director and the Information Desk.
- Assist the Staff Captain and the Safety Officer concerning emergency drills for guest and crew.
- Familiar with the other Second Officer’s duties.
- Attend mooring stations as instructed by the Staff Captain.
- All other duties as assigned.

Reports to:

- Master
- Staff Captain


- Deck Officer qualifications and licenses in compliance with all International and National conventions and regulations.
- Chief Officer license, endorsed by the Flag State, and all of the certificates as required by the STCW 95.
- 6 month experience on passengers’ vessels as Deck Officer of or equivalent position.
- Full knowledge and understanding of the Company SMS.
- Thorough knowledge of the vessel he/she is assigned to.

Managerial skills including but not limited to:

- Seamanship
- Communication
- Team Work
- Budgeting
- Time Management
- Computer Literacy
- Customer Service