Baker-Patissier f/m


Job summery

- Working in accordance with the specified written or verbal instructions given and the duties assigned by his/her superior
- Responsible for the preparation of dishes at his/her assigned station in the Bakery
- In charge of ordering and stock level control of the provisions needed in his/her area
- Supervision of his/her station, controls of other areas of the galley, including own quality control and constant improvements where necessary
- Responsible for cleanliness, namely the maintenance of the agreed standards of hygiene and safety precautions within his/her area together, strictly adhering to all relevant safety, environmental and hygiene (HACCP) regulations on board.
- In charge of careful handling of all equipment and machinery in his area
- Assists wherever helps is required


- Minimum age 19 years
- Cost and quality awareness; able to work on his/her own initiative as well as under pressure
- Flexible, trustworthy, efficient; able to motivate his/her crew
- Team player
- Respectful, friendly and professional conduct towards passengers and crew
- Integrity, good manners
- Clean and well-groomed appearance

Qualification / Experience:

- Qualified training (diploma) as a Baker or P√Ętissier
- Minimum relevant job experience 3 years, in a bakery, in a shop, or (ideally) onboard a cruise ship
- Fluent in spoken English and/or German, depending on the vessel
- Living up to service
- Good educational background

Area of responsibility:

- To carry out duties assigned to him/her in the Galley / Patisserie area
Deputy in case of absence:

- Another Baker / P√Ętissier

Please understand that we do not return application documents.