Baker-Pastry Chef f/m


Key areas of responsibility:

- Will adhere to the specified written or verbal instructions/tasks given by his/her superior
- Responsible for the preparation of dishes at his/her assigned station in the bakery
- In charge of the organisation of goods/provisions
- Supervises his/her station and controls other areas of the galley
- Improves his/her station in areas where necessary
- Own quality control
- Controls and maintains the cleanliness and safety precautions within his/her area together with hygiene standards in compliance with HACCP regulations
- In charge of careful handling of all equipment and machinery in his/her area
- Assists wherever help is required



- Diploma (patissier/baker)Job experience as a baker (several years)
- Preferably hotel or (on-board) cruise ship experience


- Trustworthy and able to work on his/her own initiative
- Cost and quality awareness
- Flexible, reliable and able to work under pressure
- Clean appearance
- Works in a professional manner and is able to motivate his/her employees
- Knowledge of English language

Please understand that we do not return application documents.