Hotel Storekeeper


Large cruise company is now searching for Hotel Storekeepers. With thousands of items in food goods, furniture, linens, and more, the Inventory team plays a key role onboard our ships. Some of the key responsibilities of this team are: managing inventory levels and implementing and executing inventory control processes and procedures. To join this team, candidates should have previous experience in an inventory or logistics related function. Attention to detail and the ability to work as a team are also required

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

* Hotel Storekeeper is responsible to maintain all Hotel Store within the Hotel Stores Department.

* Executes weekly inventories of Hotel Consumable, Chemicals, Equipment and Uniform Stores.

* Hotel Storekeeper prepares all regular Hotel Consumable and Chemical orders and submits these on time to Hotel Inventory Manager and the Department head involved for review.

* Keeping track of uniform par levels, making suggestions for future ordering to Hotel Inventory Manager and F&B Manager.

* Is in charge to prepare his Hotel Stores Areas in order to maximize space for receiving products.

* During loading procedure the Hotel Storekeeper will ensure that all products are being moved into proper storerooms within an acceptable time frame.

* Hotel Storekeeper is in charge to cross check invoices and actual deliveries of hotel consumable, chemicals, equipment and uniforms and to prepare formal report on this to Hotel Inventory Manager.

* Hotel Storekeeper is in charge to enter all consumable, chemicals, equipment and uniform requisition on daily base into electronic inventory system and ensures the numbers entered are correct all the time.

* Hotel Storekeeper is responsible to review the on board stock level for consumable, chemicals, equipment and uniforms, to ensure the shortages are being reported in time in order to provide time for Department to react if needed.

* Follows the internal requisition schedule based on length of voyage and determine pick up time and location, made by Hotel Inventory Manager.

* Issues our uniforms on crew sign on day, according to schedule prepared by Hotel Inventory Manager, to all Departments on board, following the company’s uniforms standards and procedures.

* Taking care and keeping track of used uniforms, prepares weekly list of uniforms, which cannot be reused and making monthly inventories for all uniforms inside the Hotel Storeroom.

* Keeps records for all issued uniforms and compares before crew sign off date that all company’s uniforms have been returned to Hotel Storeroom.

* Works in close co-operation with all Departments Heads and keeps control over items in stock.

* Investigates any unusual shortages and reports it to Hotel Inventory Manager.

* Calculates and ensures that all order forecasts and projections are based on length of voyage and amount of guests carried for that respective voyage.

* Monitors consumable, equipment, chemicals and uniforms consumption on a cruise by cruise bases, prepares a weekly consumption report and maintains a report of average consumption of each product.

* Ensures that slow moving item report, expiration date reports and list of eventual shortages of products in the Hotel Stores are being communicated with the Hotel Inventory Manager ahead of the time.

* Supervises and trains Assistant Hotel Storekeeper daily bases.

* Operates forklift and other related equipment used in Hotel Stores area.

* Reports immediately all damages, leakages and Stores technical problems.

* Follows all companies Public Health standards and Procedures.

* Follows all Hotel Stores Department policies and procedures.

* Replaces Provision Master if needed.

* Comply with Company’s safety standards and procedures all the time.

* Upon successful completion of the contract Hotel Storekeeper has to compile a detailed handover notes. Handover notes are to be signed by incoming and outgoing Hotel Storekeeper and Hotel Inventory Manager.

* Any additional duties delegated by Hotel Inventory Manager.


* Minimum 2-3 contracts completed on-board the cruise ships as Hotel Storekeeper, F&B Storekeeper, Assistant Hotel Storekeeper or 2-3 years experiences as Hotel Storekeeper on land based Hotels.

* Degree in Hotel Management or related field from an accredited college or university is preferred, although appropriate experience or certificate is sufficient.

* Very good Knowledge of Hotel Store Products (consumable, equipment, uniforms and chemical products).

* Good working knowledge of computers, ability to navigate within variety software packages such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and material management systems.

* Experience on the Material Management Systems, preferably Fidelio MMS or Crunch-time is a plus.

* Knowledge of Stores handling procedure with regards to public health standards.

* Basic understanding of inventory and cost control practices.

* Experience on storeroom/ warehouse/ retail operations, is a plus.

* Ability to communicate professionally with other departments and go-workers.

* Demonstrated aptitude for the management of a small close knit team within

* Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal service including needs assessment, problem resolution and achievements of quality service standards.

* Ability to do hands on physical work.

* Flexible and able to work long hours under pressure and handle the stress.

* Ability to apply customer service skills when interacting with guests and coworkers.

* Ability to speak additional languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Portuguese is an advantage.

* Required to speak, read and write in English in an Advanced level in order to understand and interpret written procedures. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms.