Top cruise line is now searching for Tailors. Tailors are responsible for altering and fixing the garments of guests as well as the uniforms of crew members and staff; and are also in charge of making and/or repairing bedspreads, curtains, cushion covers, and other linen. He/she conducts himself/herself in a courteous, friendly, and professional manner during his/her physical and verbal interactions with guests and fellow shipboard employees. Additional duties include safekeeping and tracking new and recycled uniforms; assisting the Hotel Supply Supervisor in the issuance and collection of uniforms during sign-on/sign-off, and providing assistance to the Inventory Manager and Linenkeeper. A minimum of two years of experience as a tailor or seamstress in a commercial dry cleaning or related establishment is required for this position.


* Minimum of two years previous experience as a tailor or seamstress preferably in an upscale hotel, resort or cruise line (shipboard experience preferred).

* Completion of basic education equivalency required.

* Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with guests.

* All international applicants must have the ability to obtain C1/D visa (and other relevant visas) when applicable.

* Must meet all physical requirements, including the ability to participate in emergency life-saving drills and required training.