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- The Entertainer/Presenter will find the appropriate tone to speak live to the guests. S/he has extensive knowledge of the product, knows the latest trends and promotional activities required. Every day, s/he independently undertakes research to determine the sales and booking numbers and knows which areas s/he needs to promote as a presenter. In this regard, s/he is in daily contact with the Entertainment Manager, Guest Service Manager, Media Coordinator and Cruise Director.
- Available to host special disco events, such as those in the Abtanz Bar – keeps the event moving by providing suitable live moderation.
- Organises the disco event in the Abtanz Bar every evening of the trip, from 9.30 pm to open end. Apart from the selected song titles suitable for the guest clientele, the Entertainer/Presenter will also entertain the guests to create a relaxed holiday atmosphere.
- Proactively maintains contact with guests in public areas.
- Organises the children’s disco and party events for children & teens (such as birthday parties).
- The Entertainer/Presenter assists the Cruise Director with daily emceed events, such as the ice-carving, the buffet opening, etc.
- S/he produces daily clips for “What’s happening on My Ship” – primarily the entertainment content – according to specs provided by the Cruise Director.
- S/he manages the pool party employing tactics that encourage participation and children’s shows in the theatre.
- S/he assists with special events, such as Museum Night and Bingo; emcees shorter entertainment events, such as solo programmes or readings. S/he is also available to assist other departments with sales show events in consultation with the Cruise Director (such as the blindfold shows or fashion shows). In addition to that, s/he performs tasks specified by the Entertainment Manager and the Cruise Director.
- S/he interacts with guests; coordinates, moderates and attends other adult leisure activities for which s/he is responsible.
- Ensures that equipment is maintained in a secure and tidy environment. Maintains a clean workstation in compliance with USPH regulations and participates in the weekly general cleaning.
- Reports all technical defects and repairs required in the work environment to the Technical Head and the Entertainment Manager without undue delay.
- If necessary, helps with the coordination of the operation of the audio and/or visual equipment at events to support the sound & light personnel according to the instructions of the Entertainment Manager and the Cruise Director.
- Participates in the safety procedure practice for the crew and guests. Already has or will acquire the necessary know-how to comply with standard ship operations and to respond to questions of the guests or crew.
- Attends meetings, training programmes, courses and other vocational events as required.
- Performs other duties as requested.
- Emcees dance events on board and provides music for the event.



- Basic DJ experience and the ability to operate various playback devices and lighting equipment
- Work experience in a high-end hotel or resort, on a cruise ship, in the entertainment or leisure industry
- Experience using microphones in front of large groups; knowledge of contemporary music, typical party music, hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s, techno, rock, pop & the classics as well as contemporary music for themed disco nights
- Ease handling available playlists and relevant DJ technology (sound & light)
- Basic understanding of DJ events – for all age groups, including children and teens
- Mastery of rhetoric and the ability to present spontaneously, fluently, eloquently and humorously
- Ability to create a special music atmosphere that caters to the shift of audiences during the course of the evening
- Comprehensive knowledge of various types of dance music comprising, but not restricted to the following: new and old school pop, dance, Latin, 70s disco, reggae, R&B, hip-hop, country and classic rock
- Ability to solve problems and resolve numerous variables under conditions in which standard solutions are limited
- Amiable and sociable with great communication skills, highly entertaining


- Strong communication, organisational and problem-solving skills, willingness to make decisions, socially competent
- Knowledge of PC software
- Can work under pressure
- Highly self-motivated
- Readiness to provide service
- Self-assured and confident, well-mannered
- Versed in rhetoric and presenting