Acrobat Duo f/m


Job Summary

- The person in this position works as acrobat-duo in the theatre ensemble and is responsible for the stage-ready presentation of the developed roles in the show and entertainment formats of the cruise line.
- As acrobat-duo in the theatre ensemble the artists takes on performance tasks and pantomime scenes in the show formats of the company. Performances in theatre shows, dinner shows, pool shows, solo programmes, special events, group events and other entertainment formats.
- Participation and involvement in all rehearsals and repertoire rehearsals for entertainment formats.
- Autonomous practice and self-study.
- Fulfills host duties to passengers (stairguiding check-in).
- Contact for all passengers in case of problems and complaints.
- Active integration into on-board community, participation in team meetings.


- Completed nationally recognized artistic training or similar artistic skills as performer in floor and air performance arts.
- Perfect command of several own artistic solo performance.
- Several years’ experience of professional stage productions desirable.
- Experience as acrobat-duo on board a cruise ship advantageous.
- Knowledge of English (spoken and written)
- German language skills are an advantage.
- Marked understanding of service and customer guidance.
- Good general education.

Qualification/ Experience

- High level of commitment, energy and stamina.
- Talent, charisma and natural artistic instinct.
- Perfect mastery of specialized performance genres and own solo performances.
- Ability to sustain a continuous high level of physical performance and steady discipline.
- Professional training in floor and air performance arts (silk, rope, trapeze, ring, chain etc.)
- Basic training juggling, equilibristics, tightrope.
- Basic training in ballet and dance.
- Self-confidence, very good social graces.
- Very kempt appearance.
- Communication skills and team skills.