Assistant Culinary Operations Manager


- Directs the activities of Lido Restaurant and Room Service. Assists the Manager – Culinary Operations with the operation of Mess Rooms, the preparation of all reorders and the operation of the storeroom, environmental issues and dishwashing. Responsible for overall operation of all food and dining services provided in the Lido Restaurant and Lido Deck. This includes service, food preparation and dishwashing.

- Responsible for the scheduling of staff to ensure the Lido operates in an efficient manner in order to meet and exceed guest satisfaction.

- Responsible for achievement of Lido COB ratings for: food taste, variety and presentation and service staff ratings for Lido / Verandah Service staff.

- Responsible to keep waste of food at a minimum by supervising the preparation of small batches.

- Responsible for daily cleaning of Lido area per USPH standards

- Responsible for monthly Fitness Reports and performance appraisals for all staff and crew assigned to Lido. Works directly with Culinary and Dining Services management team in completion of all evaluations.

- Responsible for training all subordinates in the culinary and dining areas in the proper operating and cleaning procedures of the assigned equipment and areas.

- Responsible for food signage program / Lido line.

- Responsible for the efficient operation of Room Service. This includes order-taking, food preparation and food service to all guest cabins according to Marine Hotel standards.

- Responsible for achievement of Room Service COB ratings for food taste and presentation.

- Assists the Manager – Culinary Operations with the efficient operation of all Mess Rooms. Maintains and adheres to established menu cycles and Mess Room hours as per Marine Hotel Directives.

- Assists the Manager - Culinary Operations with the ordering, loading, storing and issuing of all Marine Hotel supplies excluding medical supplies, beverages and uniforms. Assists with keeping adequate inventory levels of all Marine Hotel supplies excluding medical items, beverages and uniforms. Helps monitor and control consumption of all supplies used in the culinary and dining areas. Controls inventory levels at target or lower.

- Assists the Manager – Culinary Operations in the overall operation of the garbage sanitation area on board the shop. Maintains and supervises sorting and processing procedures, cleaning and equipment maintenance and work schedule of personnel. The Assistant Manager - Culinary operations is directly responsible for coordinating the source separation of waste by department.

- Assists the Manager - Culinary Operations in supervising and executing proper operating and cleaning procedures in all dishwashing areas assigned. Makes daily inspection during each meal period of the dishwashing operation and clean up procedures and address any deficiencies.

- Assists the Manager - Culinary Operations in the implementation and execution of food handling, food service and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH and HAL standards in the assigned work areas. Follows all HACCP procedures as set by Company.

- Directs, supervises and trains all subordinates in their performance of their duties in accordance with the quality standards set by the company.

- Prepares or causes to be prepared work schedules of all employees in the assigned departments keeping in mind work/rest hour policies and the minimization of overtime.


- Controls actual hours worked in his/her department and has these recorded and reported on the appropriate forms as per standards set by the Marine Hotel Department.

- Prepares objective performance evaluation reports for officers, petty officers and other employees in the assigned departments.

- Responsible for the performance, personal conduct, dress and grooming of all subordinate employees.

- Reports any malfunctioning equipment or furnishings in need of repair or refurbishing to the appropriate departments and/or Manager - Culinary Operations.

- Responsible for creating an atmosphere in the assigned areas which will achieve maximum productivity and morale which assists in rendering high quality service to guests and crew.

- Attends and is an active member of the weekly sanitation committee.

- Prepares or causes to be prepared all requisitions for supplies from stores and/or other departments for his/her areas of responsibility.

- Practices visible management during all meal hours to ensure an efficient food operation for both guests and crew.

- Adheres to all Marine Hotel Directives.