Fleet Public Health Officer / Trainer


Job description - Perform inspections on board company vessels to verify compliance with the most current Vessel Sanitation Program Manual and issues inspection reports including recommendations. Inspections are conducted during onboard visits which may last from 2 to 3 weeks.

Based on the results of inspections provides training where needed in particular for onboard staff in the following areas; potable water, pools and spas, housekeeping and cleaning practices, and air systems.

- Conducts onboard Basic Sanitation Classes.
- Verifies compliance with GI prevention and Tracks recommendations of onboard public health inspections.
- Liaises with onboard senior staff and officers regarding health and sanitation issues and assists them with preparing for upcoming public health Inspections.
- Makes recommendations to company senior management to improve the onboard health and sanitation Program.
- Participates in periodic updates for the health and sanitation Manual (MR750 and MR 751)
- Participates in the development of new health and sanitation related training programs.
- Assists the Manager Public Health and Safety as directed.
Other duties as assigned.