Sanitation Officer


- To be responsible for the entire Sanitation Operation within the Hotel Department on board, this includes all equipment and machinery control in all Galley outlets, Galley Consumables and all work orders in all Galleys, food outlets and Messes.

- To oversee the daily cleaning procedures and maintenance of all Galleys, Messes and food outlets and to ensure that all onboard cleaning is compliance with Company Policy and the latest Health and Sanitation regulations (USPH and all other Port Health Authorities ) at all times.

- To implement, regulate and monitor USPH Standards and to oversee the training of the entire Food and Beverage and Housekeeping Departments on USPH rules and regulations, and any other job related training, as required.

- To supervise and to establish regular work schedules, section plans and rotations for Galley
Supervisor and Galley Utilities.

- To ensure that a six star service is provided at all times and to deal with complaints and
comments in an efficient and timely manner.


Previous experience as Sanitation Officer is needed.