TV Studio Specialist


Duties: Assists in preparing the venue for upcoming events on an as needed basis, to include studio performance areas setups, camera and microphone

placement, and equipment preparation. Confers with Production Supervisors to receive instructions on recording setups, to include camera positioning, as

well as recording format.

Liaises with the Broadcast Manager in the Communications department via the Production Manager to produce suitable content for onboard broadcasting.

Works with the Television Studio Manager in producing commercials, teasers, and promo videos to promote the Princes product onboard.

Performs any other duties related to the position of Television Studio Specialist as directed by the Production Manager and Senior Production Manager.

Employment Requirements:

Previous experience in performance venues recommended.

Experience with audio equipment and operations, to include Digidesign digital audio consoles; lapel, headset, and handheld microphones, including Shure

and Sennheiser brands; as well as audio playback systems, including Tascam equipment.

Familiarity with video media servers and graphics system, to include Chyron graphics system, and Green Hippo Hippotizer media server.

Experience with recording studio camera controls and operations. Familiarity with XXX camera operation and recording to tape and internal P2card. Also familiarity

with Panasonic HD Cameras as well as motorized remote control camera systems, such as Telemetrics robotic camera control system.

Familiarity with video editing software Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere highly recommended.

Previous experience in a television recording studio environment, to include the use and instruction of Teleprompter systems such as Autocue SW-QSTART system.

Proficient spoken and written English