Recreation Staff - Sports Court


The Recreation Staff – Sports Court will be running the programming and events scheduled on the sports court onboard a large cruise ship. They need to ensure a safe and efficient operation and have the ability to deal with adults and children alike.
In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed, in particular working on other stations such as the Rock wall and Rappelling, Aqua Park and Water Slides, Bowling and Bungee Attractions.


- Needs to be very focused on the safe and efficient operation of the Sports Court.
- Required to have very good customer service skills dealing with both adults and children that will be participating at events held at the Sports Court. Outgoing personality.
- Good command of the English language. Advantageous if there is a second language spoken other than English but not essential.
- Understand and enforce the guidelines for safe practices when guests are using the various activities and events on the Sports Court. If confrontation arises, be able to diffuse the situation and have the guest leave content.
- Ability to host an event or tournament that is relative to their position for up to 100 guests. Needs to have nice clarity and projection of voice and be able to interact well with guests in this format.
- Be responsible of all equipment used to perform the role. In addition needs to report to the Assistant Cruise Director on a daily basis any equipment malfunctions or problems.
- Keeps necessary records of equipment use to comply with safety standards.
- Ensures waivers are signed before guest participates in any organized event on the Sports Court. Files away for record purposes and completed waivers during their work period.
- Places orders of needed equipment through the Assistant Cruise Director in a timely fashion.
- Understand the use of any personal protective equipment related to the position and use it accordingly for themselves and guests.
- Observes carefully the operation of events that happen on the Sports Court and should any incident occur, report this to the Assistant Cruise Director immediately.
- Provides feedback daily to the Assistant Cruise Director of events that occurred that may need further attention or guest follow up.
- At times maybe required to assist with escorting Nickelodeon characters, helping out with Nickelodeon events and will be trained to understand the Nickelodeon brand.
- Required to attend and contribute where applicable to any departmental or ship meetings.
- Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS, and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position.



Needs to have at least 6 months experience in a hotel, resort or similar in a customer service position, preferably working with adults and children. Having coached or instructed organized sporting events before would be beneficial, but not essential.


Minimum education required is a High School Diploma or equivalent. Would be favourable to have certification in a sporting / athletic field.


- Passionate about hospitality and customer service driven.
- Performs job to best of one’s abilities at all times and can if applicable takes critiques on performance and make necessary changes to improve.
- Must have a very professional appearance and excellent hygiene.
- Respect for all co-workers and guests.
- Pride in your work by creating positive energy, excitement and fun.
- Able to work 7 days a week.
- Demonstrate positive behaviors; smiling, being polite and courteous.
- Able to develop a camaraderie with team members.
- Ability to live in close quarters, share limited space with other cabin-mates.