International Host / Hostess


Job description - Acts as host (ess) and liaison for non-English speaking guests. Candidate for international host should be fluent in 2-3 languages on top of

English (preferably either Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and/or Spanish).

Specific Duties:

Translates Daily Programs, menus and sundry guest information. Staffs a reception/hospitality desk, dealing with all inquiries for non-English-speaking guests.

Translates speeches and announcements. Delivers lectures on embarkation, disembarkation procedures etc. Conducts foreign languages lessons for

English-speaking guests, ("German for beginners" etc.) Socialises with guests, particularly in the evening.

Skills Necessary:

Bilingual fluency. A good working knowledge of gastronomic terminology. A pleasant speaking voice and good microphone technique. Computer literacy (at present

using PC based Words for Windows programs). An outgoing personality and good conversational skills. Immaculate appearance. Strong Presentation skills.