Team Photographer


The position of Team Photographer is responsible for shooting photographs and video footage to the required standards, processing all photographs taken by onboard photographers and passengers to the required standards, selling photographs and other retail items to passengers, and maintaining high standards of customer service.


- Liaise with Photo Video Manager and /or Assistant Photo Video Manager for cruise and daily job schedule with the main priority to reach image count targets as set by Photo Video Manager while maintaining quality as outlined by Photo Video Manager.
- Report to assigned locations in correct uniform or character costume for each event on time.
- Keep Photo Video Manager and/or Assistant Photo Video Managers aware of any present or foreseeable problems.
- Shoot photographs to the required standards, and shoot video footage of ship events, tours and behind the scene elements for the Souvenir video as required.
- Process all photos taken onboard by members of the photo team and/or passengers.
- Video Producer with shooting Morning TV show, Tours, Events, Weddings and Renewal of Vows when necessary and as scheduled by Photo Video manager.
- Sell photographs and all other items available in the Photo Video Gallery, Heritage and Tech store with a high standard of salesmanship and customer service.
- Check all items of equipment before going on any shoot, reporting any camera or equipment problems to the Photo Video Manager / Assistant Photo Video Manager / Video Producer.
- Assist Video producer with proper advertising for the video, such as video patters, ads, flyers, coupons, signs, cabin drops and morning TV when needed, and as assigned by Photo Video manager.
- Conduct self in a professional manner at all times, and in accordance with company’s Code of Conduct.
- Report any passenger disputes immediately to the Photo Video Manager.
- After covering events, ensure equipment is properly and securely stored away.
- Experienced Team Photographers should learn all duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Photo Video Managers and Video Producer.
- Experienced Team Photographers take over Assistant Photo Video Manager duties if required, covering all expectations as listed in Assistant Photo Video Manager position description.
- Experienced Team Photographers work with Video Producer to ensure that final production of souvenir video is executed and that a master copy, as well as the appropriate number of DVD’s, are created for distribution.
- Uphold and maintain by example, at all times, all aspects of the C.R.U.I.S.E. Program.
- Perform any and all such duties as may be assigned by the Photo Video Manager, and/or other senior management.


Mental Application:

This position requires the timely execution of duties on a regular routine governed by a daily schedule posted by the Photo Video Manager. Unsupervised work will require a high degree of accurate and proactive thinking and decision making.


All job tasks need to be performed flawlessly. Any errors in the Photo Video Department frequently lead to significant losses of revenue and passenger frustration.

Contact/Internal and Public:

Employees in the Photo Video Department have a very high degree of interaction with both passengers and other crew members. Effective and efficient communications skills and the ability to interact with peoples of various nationalities and cultures are essential.


A Team Photographer is a very high visibility position, both to passengers and crew alike. Inability to adapt and perform all related job functions can have a significant impact on the experience of our guest. Additionally the ability to perform safety and emergency duties in a timely and effective manner is essential. Inability to adequately perform such duties can have a serious impact on the safety of others and the general operation of the vessel.



Prefer at least a two-year college certificate in Photography and/or related field.


- Must have unquestionable shooting ability and extensive cruise-photo and formal portraiture experience.
- Two years of experience in Digital photography, including all aspects of shooting, developing and processing, preferably in a mini-lab.
- Experience with digital cameras SLR and Video (professional grade), studio lighting, state of the art digital photo lab equipment operation and maintenance.
- Weddings, events & people photography experience a plus.
- Prior employment in a high volume Mini-Lab and sales environment a plus.
- Graphic Design experience a plus. Video editing ability also a plus.
- Sales experience required


- Must be adept, consistent, and reliable in properly composing and exposing a sharply-focused photograph.
- Strong skills in every aspect of the photo lab, including highest quality of printing photographs.
- Can recognize the difference between a quality/saleable print and one that is not.
- Must possess excellent sales skills.
- Strong customer service and communication skills are required.


- Comfortable and competent with leading and nurturing junior photo staff.
- Continually demonstrates an ability to work closely with other team members and passengers
- Should be capable of solving all photographic-related problems and work with minimal supervision.
- Strong verbal and written communication skills.
- Must have a happy outgoing and friendly demeanor.
- A real “Can-Do” attitude and a willingness to help and be a part of a cohesive team.
- Ability to be pro-active within department.
- Ability to work under stress and pressure.


- Strong computer skills, proficient in Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Freehand, Final Cut Pro or similar types of programs.
- Konica R2, Digital Darkroom Minilab systems and Express Digital software.
- Canon 5D, Nikon, D-200, D70 Digital SLR Cameras. Sony and Canon Pro video cameras
- Canon, Nikon Flash systems
- Bogen/Calumet/Hensel studio flash systems and related accessories
- IBM computer systems with HP DesignJet 130PS wide-bed printers, drafting tablets & graphics applications