Club O2 Director-Teen Activities


Club O2 Directors bring the Club O2 experience to life and are responsible for connecting with 15-17 year olds to make sure everyone shares in the fun

Club O2 Directors bring something “extra” to everything and have an awesome responsibility to work with our guests on a one-on-one basis. Club O2 Directors have personalities that stand out from everyone on board. Everyone – from the crew members to the guests – should know their Club O2 Director.

Club O2 Directors work on full-time contracts as you will be on board for 6 -8 months at a time. These vacancies are best suited to those who have worked in a similar environment previously, however we welcome applications from anyone who has a passion for working with children or from experienced professionals looking for a change from the 9-5!


- Free accommodation and meals
- Opportunity to further your career with a variety of courses
- Crew gym
- Competitive tax free salary


Essential Requirements:

Relevant childcare, teaching or recreation Diploma/Degree, plus 2 years of experience with teens aged 15-17 years or at least 2 years experience with teens aged 15 to 17 working in Camps as Camp Counselor’s or professional childcare settings.

Essential Attributes:

- Passion for working with young children
- Positive attitude
- Team player
- Outgoing Nature
- Professional demeanor
- Energetic character
- Enthusiasm
- Able to lead large groups of children