Engineer Officer


Reporting: The Engineer Officers organize their duties in accordance with instructions from the Chief Engineer


An Engineer Officer is responsible for:

- the safe operation of all engine rooms while on watch and must report any unusual or abnormal situations directly to the Chief Engineer
- the maintenance according to the specified instructions and requirements of the Chief Engineer such as
assisting the Chief Engineer in the safe operation and maintenance of the ship’s machinery
- daily tasks in the engine room, including maintenance planning
- continuous update of the maintenance
- commanding the practical work during the watch
- supervising bunkering of fuel and lube oils
- supervising shore pumping of waste oils
- supervising the crew’s work schedule and times within the technical department



- English, written & spoken
- Valid STCW watch keeping certificate relevant to the position served along with all other appropriate STCW certificates


- friendliness
- honesty
- ability to work independently
- to lead
- flexibility
- organizational skills
- loyalty
- objectivity
- good communication skills
- stress-resistant