Chief Engineer


Reporting: The Chief Engineer reports directly to the Captain and the company Operations Department.


The Chief Engineer is responsible for ensuring that all technical equipment onboard the vessel is in good working order, to deliver a satisfactory onboard product. He/she is responsible for:

- the efficient and economical management of the Chief Engineer’s department
- the repair and proper maintenance of all safety equipment
- keeping the Captain / Master informed at all times of any unusual problems or activities within his/her department, as well as to submit the required reports and information to the FleetPro Operations Department
- the maintenance and repair of all the technical equipment on board
- maintaining all relevant technical equipment to the required standards
- giving full cooperation to the Staff Captain and the Hotel Manager in maintaining all technical equipment in Deck and Hotel Departments
- keeping the ship’s oil accounts and oil book
- ensuring sufficient bunker supply for the voyage and supervise the bunkering process
- when the vessel is maneuvered in the harbor or when the situation calls for it, the Chief Engineer will be present in the engine room



- English, written & spoken
- Valid Chief Engineer’s Certificate relevant to the size, nationality and type of the vessel
- All required STCW certificates


- friendliness
- honesty
- ability to work independently
- to lead
- flexibility
- organizational skills
- loyalty
- objectivity
- good communication skills
- stress-resistant