Captain / Master


The Master of the Ship is the owners representative and responsible for the following shipboard operations:


- Independent management of the ship according to existing laws and regulations
- All tasks that are necessary for a safe command of the vessel
- Implementation and overall responsibility of the integrated management system (QSE) onboard the ship
- Report deficiencies to the management
- Motivate the crew and ensure instruction is given as needed regarding the integrated management system (QSE)
- Well-being of the passengers, crew, vessel, and environment
- Ensure the vessel is at all times properly manned in accordance with Flag State requirements and company guidelines
- Vessel’s condition from an overall product delivery point of view
- Efficient and economical operation of the vessel
- Vessel’s certificates are valid, surveys and inspections are requested in due time
- Investigate audit, identify non-conformances and apply corrective action

The Master is the highest authority on board and is to ensure the safe operation of the vessel at all times.



- English, written and spoken
- STCW Class II/2 unlimited license
- All required STCW certifications for the size, nationality and type of the vessel


- friendliness
- honesty
- leadership ability
- flexibility
- organizational skills
- loyalty
- objectivity
- excellent communication skills
- stress-resistance