Staff Captain / Chief Officer


Reporting: The Staff Captain is second in command of the ship and reports directly to the Master.


Through the delegation of responsibility and authority by the Master, he is responsible for an efficient and safe operation of the ship:

- Ensure that the ship maintains maximum stability at all times
- In charge of all watchkeeping personnel in the Deck department
- Maintenance of the vessel, including all safety items in compliance with company / client standards as well as regulatory requirements
- Administration of the Deck Department’s expenditures
- Sanitary condition of the vessel to the required standards
- Ship security

Direct responsibility for the following departments:
- Deck Department
- Safety Department
- Security Department

Displaying a friendly and courteous attitude towards all guests and crew members



- English, written and spoken
- STCW Class II/2 unlimited license (Staff Captain)
- Chief Officers License (Chief Officer)
- All required STCW certifications for the size, nationality and type of the vessel


- friendliness
- honesty
- flexibility
- independence
- loyalty
- objectivity
- excellent communication skills
- stress-resistant