Crew Welfare Coordinator


Be the Consummate Host for the ship’s company by effectively coordinating and facilitating crew activities and programs that enhance the onboard experience for

crewmembers in line with the Company’s Core Values and brand strategy.

1. Always assists the Crew Office with embarkation/disembarkation duties.

2. Regularly creates and posts the crew activities calendar, intranet articles, and fliers in crew areas.

3. Always hosts crew activities in a personable and outgoing manner.

4. Continually assists the HR Manager with roles and responsibilities as related to the Crew CARE program and in coordinating essential programs such as the

Service Loyalty, Birthday, Get Well card distribution, and Bed Ready programs.

5. Attends all crew events to confirm an efficient setup, presentation, and breakdown and the overall efficient operation of crew programs.

6. Regularly creates and updates the Crew Channel information.

6. Always conducts regular inspections of crew areas to ensure their safety and cleanliness and the effective maintenance of crew communications boards.

7. Always provides regular updates to all Departmental Managers regarding upcoming crew events, using appropriate verbal and written communication at all times.