Reporting : The Baker reports to the Chef and Sous Chef.


This position is mainly responsible for all baking goods like danishes, croissants, breads, rolls, some cakes as needed, etc. needed for daily service to the guests. As well will physically assist, back up and work the line as needed and required during all guests meal services.

Required to be involved with general cleaning of the galley, provision loading, help and support any area of the galley as needed, required and specified by the chef and/or other hotel/galley management.

Practicing and following strict sanitation procedures and requirements, food handling procedures as set by FleetPro Ocean Vessel Sanitation Program based on USPH/CDC guidelines.

All galley crewmembers are required to be in their assigned positions and productively working at the specific times set by the chef, that are conducive with the galley operation and general meal service.

All galley crew members are expected to help and support any other area of the galley operations as required and/or instructed by the chef or other vessel management.

All crew members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional productive manner at all times, while working well with all other crew members to promote a ‘Team Environment’.

All crew members are expected to adhere to the company’s uniform and personal hygiene standards.

Specific duties and requirements include, however are not limited to:

- Timely planning and preparation of all baking goods, danishes, croissants, breads, rolls, some cakes and other condiments toppings, etc., needed for all guests’ services, both buffet in the Day Lounge and menu service in the dining room.
- Follows recipes as required by corporate guide lines.
- Proper and timely requisitioning of all products need for daily preparation and duties.
- Constant monitoring of all products prepared as to help to limit, control and minimize waste.
- Proper utilization and storage of extra left sauces, soups, etc.
- Responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the bakery area, including all small wares and hot equipment.
- Physically working and/or backing up the line during all guests services and required and requested by the chef.
- Supervising and maintaining the sanitation log after each meal period.
- Responsible for maintaining the galley ‘Thermometer Calibration Log’
- Job position duties and requirements are not inclusive and may be adjusted and/or added to at any time by the management.

Working Hours:

Duty hours as per contract.


- Previous experience in this role at a fine restaurant / hotel / resort / passenger vessel
- Fluency in English
- Fabulous customer service skills


The following courses and/or certificates are mandatory: