Female Cocktail Bar Tender-4* Cruise Liner


• Role: Female Cocktail Bar Tender
• Why Female?: Because of the berthing on-board is sharing with another female bar tender
• Company: A fabulous 4* Cruise Liner
Brand: A fabulous 4* Cruise liner sailing in the southern hemisphere…plenty of adventures!
• Start date: Soon!
• Berthing: Shared with one other (bunk bed style)
• Flights: Paid for by the host company both ways (unless you quit mid-way through contract then you are required to pay for your own flight home)
• Website: On application
• Reporting to:The Bar Manager
• Salary: 2240 Euro / $3000US / £1850UK / AUD$2,900 TAX FREE per month worked – calculations change daily due to exchange rate
• Bonus: Up to GB£330 non contractual bar bonus per month worked (paid on completion of contract)
• Required: You to fund a medical (circa £90UK) and also source a police check (circa £25UK), an Australian visa (it’s free) and have a super cocktail knowledge and personality!
• Contract: 6 months working 7days a week and then 2 months vacation (unpaid in the vacation time)

The Superb Role

This is a great position shipboard. It will be involved in a fabulous concept in the sparkling new shipboard atrium, which houses an exceptional bar concept. It has an extensive range of premium spirits and cocktails. Enjoying a cocktail with friends is part of the cruise experience, and this facility will take that experience to a new level. On-board will be an extensive and unique range of spirits to craft a brand new range of cocktails focusing on quality and presentation.

Our cruise partners are looking to offer a wide range, from spirits from around the world. Some will be known some may not be so well known and maybe a little obscure. It will also include some that will be well known brands and high end.

You the professional need to know the products and cocktails involving but not limited to the following liquor:

• Tequila (dark and white)
• Whiskey (all profiles)
• Rum (dark and white)
• Vodka
• Gin
• Cognacs
• 0 to 20 liqueurs / cordials

The cruise liner is looking to offer approximately 12 signature cocktails that may have a little twist on them!


YOU WILL BE CURRENTLY IN THE UK & YOU WILL BE FEMALE! You might have worked on-board a cruise liner before within the bar function but if not, your background will be from a high-end respected bar or club from Europe. You will have a great skill and understanding of ‘edu-tainment’ with your passion for serving the Guest second to none.

You will have circa 1½ years of cocktail making experience and you will be able to craft your cocktails smoothly, rapidly and effortlessly. The role is offering the Guest an ‘experience’ rather than simply a drink and you will have the knowledge of spirits and liqueurs to ‘tell’ the guest where they are from, and how they are made. The serving of the cocktail should be in minutes not tens of minutes. You will be brilliant at ‘upselling’ and ‘suggestive selling’ ensuring your bar and beverage targets are surpassed. Your understanding of cleanliness / USPH or equivalent will be incredible and you will be able to work in a small arena.

You will be keen and able to run presentations on 'Cocktail Making Sessions' with the guests at sea. You will be a 'show-stopper' with great articulation and enjoy the flair and excitement of performing in front of a large crowd.

You will be able and willing to work 7 days a week for a 6 month period. Your passion to personally and professionally develop will be apparent and you will happily act as an ambassador of the company in this high profile position. Ofcourse it goes without saying there is no alcohol to be drunk behind the bar whilst working, so your measures and pouring will be needed to be exact. There will be a cocktail list for you to learn and work with too…although I am sure your creativity and ideas from the past will be embraced within the business also.

You will be able to fund your own medical and be available for a phone / Skype / face to face interview determined on where you are in the world. Your CV will be exceptionally presented with all weblinks, contact details and months as well as years you have worked in each position listed. You will have your Skype ID clearly listed on your resume / CV too.

Important: You are to have no visible tattoos on your arms when wearing a short sleeved polo shirt.