Computer Officer


The Computer Officer is the onboard officer in charge of shipboard computer hardware and software equipment that falls under the Shipboard Systems (PCLA/SBS) environment.

The Computer Officer reports directly to the ship’s Purser Department. There are five main areas of responsibility that detail the Computer Officer’s position:

Level 1 Technical Support

Operations and Applications

Maintenance of Hardware, Software, Documentation and Media Control

System Monitoring and Troubleshooting

User Training and Support

Level 1 Technical Support:

The Computer Officer (CO) is the initial contact for the computer issues encountered on board. As such, they are the “Level I” support system for these issues and will provide

the technical support for the shipboard users in regard to the Shipboard Systems (SBS) computing environment.

Operations and Applications:

Responsible for flow of data for tour and passenger files. Monitor and maintain Hotel Operations Systems by performing preventative maintenance on equipment and recovering

systems, files or programs when required.

Media Control:

Responsible for maintaining an up-to-date inventory of Hardware and Software in the Shipboard Systems environment. This includes but is not limited to hardware such as the NT

Server, workstations and desktop printers. The inventory should also include media material and application documentation.

System Monitoring:

In charge of monitoring the systems in regards to copyright policies and infringements.

User Training and Support:

The Computer officer will provide user training on applications and distribute continuing education materials and development for the crew on board.

This position requires a strong computing background, with very advanced knowledge of Windows Operating Systems, Networking, Printing peripherals and general

Troubleshooting skills.

Written oral command of the English language are required by company policy.

Strong verbal and good written communication skills.