Shore Excursion Assistant


Assist the Shore Excursion Manager for the efficient running of the Shore Excursions Department and Tour Sales operation. This to include the day to day running of the Shore Excursions Desk, shore excursion presentations on ports of call, passenger welfare, customer correspondence relating to tours and passenger disembarkation on turnaround day in conjunction with the full Hotel Department.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Must have sound knowledge of all hotel departments
- Must have refined skills in public relations, which demands an excellent command of English language (German an asset).
- Must have strong presentation skills on a microphone for all required Shore Excursions presentations
- At least two years experience within the Hotel Department on a cruise vessel with at least one year in a Shore Excursions position
- Minimum two years ship’s experience. Customer Service background essential
- Must be able to communicate, negotiate and complaint handle
- Must have Typing skills
- Must have Computer skills: Windows 2000/XP, Word, Excel, MS Outlook, Powerpoint. Additional: Cruise Manager (or similar Ship Management System)
- Must be knowledgeable in the ISM regulations
- Must have the ability to manage all escorting staff, and crew appointed on duties. Must be a good organiser and communicator and feel comfortable working with crew of different nationalities
- Must be able to formulate efficient shore excursion reports to Head Office, respond and react efficiently to guest related issues, and be fully aware of the internal organisation of the Hotel department on board a cruise ship.


(Please do not apply if you are not in possession of these)

- Personal Survival Techniques STCW - Ref. A-VI/1-1
- Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting - STCW Ref. A-VI/1-2
- Elementary First Aid - STCW Ref. A-VI/1-3
- Personal, safety and social responsibilities STCW A-VI/1-4
- Crowd Management Ref. A – V/2 Par 1-3 or A – V/3 Par 1-3
- Security Awareness Ref. A-VI/6 -1
- ENG 1 Medical
- Valid passport
- Seaman’s Book - National or Bahamian Seaman’s Books only