Traveling Fleet Shore Excursion Manager


The Traveling Fleet Shore Excursion Manager establishes a positive working environment across all ships, focusing on ensuring operational goals are met and training, leadership development and recognition of overall team performance are sustained. This position travels extensively to the ships in support of the Global Tour Operations division to conduct training, scheduled and unscheduled reviews to ensure maximum compliance with company brand standards and SQM. The Fleet Shore Excursion Manager strives to ensure that the Shore Excursion Manager is the ship’s advocate for delivering outstanding customer services to our guests that go above and beyond their expectations.

Career snapshot:

• Actively identifies and monitors the scheduling needs of the Shore Excursion division. Demonstrates aptitude for the management of headcount within the Shore Excursion team, as it relates to and supports the business needs of the ships.

• Meets with Tour Operators to discuss any ongoing issues relating to Global Tour Operations and provides Account Managers with written report of such meetings. Inspects Shore Excursions and discusses possible new tour options.

• Work with the Shore Excursion Manager to challenge them to constantly identify and develop new ways to enhance and enrich the guest experience. Through sustained and regular review of the most common issues, implements tracking measures to establish the root cause and eliminate recurrence fleet-wide.

• Ensures the Shore Excursion Managers provide clear and concise handover notes to eliminate any possible


• Minimum of (2) year as a Shore Excursion Manager.

• Previous management experience with a team of 4-10 individuals.

• In addition to English, able to speak 2 of the following languages is required; Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

• Knowledge of ports, tours, and itineraries (Caribbean, Europe, Baltic, South America, Australia, Asia, Mediterranean, and Alaska) is required.

• Previous experience in presenting and speaking in front of large audiences.

• Strong communication, problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal skills.

• Strong planning, coaching, organizing, staffing, controlling, and evaluating skills.

•Working knowledge of computers, Internet access, and the ability to navigate within a variety of software packages such as Excel, Word, or related programs.


• Sales experience in Travel and Tourism.

• English + 2 Core languages (Italian, Spanish, French, German)

• Superior customer service, team building and conflict resolution skills