Chief Refrigeration Engineer


The Chief Refrigeration Engineer is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of all HVAC/R equipment and spaces.

Career snapshot:

• Participates in the design/commissioning review of HVAC/Refrigeration systems aboard new ships before/after delivery to identify adherence to contractual specifications

• Works in cooperation with the Ship’s Manager regarding the HVAC/Refrigeration system to ensure awareness of all problems and recommended solutions

• Advises Ship Staff Chief Engineer to make GFR claims when a defect is discovered on new ships

• Evaluates the performance of the HVAC/Refrigerating Officer and Staff with the Chief Engineer to ensure highly qualified HVAC/Refrigerating personnel are retained and trained properly

• Sets the divisional budget proposals.



• Mechanical Engineer (BSc) or equivalent with specialized study in HVAC/Refrigeration systems

• U.S. EPA Technician Certificate and/or EU F-Gas Cat 1; Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) and Basic Safety Training (BST) in accordance with STCW

• Minimum of 4 years combined HVACR technical education and post-education HVCAR work experience (non-HVACR technical education –electrical, mechanical, & marine and non-cruise, industrial, or marine HVACR work experience)

• Strong understanding of refrigeration cycle and application of the Moliere diagram and thermodynamics, including theoretical and actual refrigeration system troubleshooting and problem solving

• Complete understanding of the psychometric process along with measurement of air properties and movement including balancing procedures and noise control

• Ability to read and understand all ship drawings: including system, principle, piping, ducting, electrical, mechanical, insulation, fire protection, and construction

• Proficiency in English is required to understand and interpret written procedures. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors, and co-workers

• Proficiency with computers and working knowledge of software such as AMOS Maintenance System and Gaylord Systems for air condition and ventilation ducts, Excel, Word, and other related programs

• Advanced expertise in the Marine HVAC Industry

• Demonstrated ability to calculate all aspects of HVAC/Refrigeration systems and perform proper balancing of thermal and air coolant loads in sytem

• All international applicants must have the ability to obtain C1/D visa (and other relevant visas) when applicable

• Must meet all physical requirements, including the ability to participate in emergency life-saving drills and required training.