Executive Housekeeper


As Executive Housekeeper, you will be leading a multicultural, world-class team. You will be responsible for the management of all Housekeeping functions and team members onboard. In addition, you will have the opportunity to travel the world while working for a top global employer of choice.


• In accordance with the cruise line's philosophy, each employee conducts oneself in a professional and courteous manner at all times. This applies to physical and verbal interactions with guests or fellow shipboard employees and/or in the presence of guest contact and crew areas.

• Ensures cleanliness, maintenance and presentation standards are managed to brand standards in all Housekeeping areas, including all guest staterooms and balconies, guest corridors, officer cabins, laundry, lockers and storage areas in both the front and back of house. Spends at least 50% of working day in front-of-house operations to set tone and oversee inspection processes, ensuring feedback is delivered in constructive and appropriate manner with emphasis on positive reinforcement. Ensures all administrative and back of house functions are completed on time, accurately and are maintained to standard.

• Reports to the Hotel Director and takes an active role in all hotel division activities. Educates fellow division heads on cleanliness standards. Establishes himself/herself as a content expert on all Housekeeping and cleanliness related matters. Develops and maintains strong rapport and frequent communication with the Facilities Manager, the Deck Department and Marine Department to ensure timely completion of ongoing and preventative maintenance in an organized and well planned manner. Provides preventative maintenance reporting to enable maintenance to be planned and executed appropriately to improve stateroom, balcony and corridor appearance.

• Executive Housekeeper will permanently resolve recurring service failures through root cause analysis and effective problem solving techniques. Practices sound business sense in an ethical manner at all times. Enforces and assists shipboard senior management team in facilitating the Guest Conduct Policy.

• Oversees, coordinates, and administers the Housekeeping Division schedule in conjunction with the shore-side support group. Actively identifies and monitors the scheduling needs of the Housekeeping division. Demonstrates aptitude for the management of headcount within assigned area, as it relates to and supports the business needs of the ship. Collaborates with CTI or other designated company to ensure Laundry staffing needs are constantly maintained and planned for. Is able to identify skill sets in individuals for succession planning for fleet-wide Housekeeping operations.

• Effectively manages all Laundry Operations onboard ensuring that the Laundry Master has all necessary skills, training, tools, information and support to enable delivery of services and products flawlessly and on a consistent basis. Ensures all laundry equipment is maintained in good working order and advance planning is put into place to ensure that long-term equipment needs are met. Maintains an accurate inventory of all linen, terry, crew linens and other items par levels, ensuring that at all times purchases are made to maintain sufficient par to meet the business demands. Ultimately ensures that the quality of all linen items serviced for the ship along with guest and crew items are up to the required presentation standards. Reviews regularly the quality control and discard sheets and provides root cause analysis. Completes daily walk through of the laundry operation and completes a formalized laundry inspection each week with the Laundry Master.

• Actively manages and reviews yearly budgets for Housekeeping and Laundry cost centers/expenses (e.g. consumable and replaceable items) and revenue streams (e.g. laundry, floral cart, tuxedo program, etc.). Maintains appropriate cleaning costs and monitors consumption, storage and supply orders placed to minimize waste. Prepares financial operational business plan to enhance the overall business performance of the division. Applies strategic planning to identify business efficiencies within the division’s cost center supporting company targets and goals, and seeking ways to promote revenue streams.

• Comprehensive knowledge of cleaning practices, procedures, equipment and materials. Ensures cleaning equipment and supplies are maintained and that all team members are adequately trained to ensure proper and effective use.

• Identifies Career path opportunities for Management team and crew members and assists accordingly to reach career goals as a coach and mentor and works with the Fleet Executive Housekeepers.

• Oversees the luggage operation on the last night of the cruise and turnaround day process to ensure duties are completed within the allocated time and to the required standards.


• Minimum five to seven years managerial/operational experience in housekeeping and laundry operations of large 4 or 5 Star hotels (500+ rooms), cruise line or hospitality industry related field required, with demonstrated experience supervising team of minimum of 70 employees and managing budgets in excess of $1M annually.

• Required to speak English clearly and distinctly, has aptitude to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures, including the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and co-workers.

• Working knowledge of cleaning procedures and equipment, chemical handling, linen par levels, public health standards, computers, internet access, and the ability to navigate within a variety of software packages (e.g. MS Office) and office equipment.

• Specific knowledge of principles and processes for providing exceptional customer and personal service including needs assessment, problem resolution, demonstrated strong attention to detail and achievement of quality service standards.

• Ability to effectively deal with internal and external guests, some of whom will require high levels of discretion, patience, tact and diplomacy.

• Completion of high school or equivalent required; bachelors’ degree preferred