Assistant Executive Housekeeper


Position Summary: As Assistant Executive Housekeeper, you will be leading a multicultural, world-class team. You will be responsible for assisting in the management of all Housekeeping functions and team members onboard. In addition, you will have the opportunity to travel the world while working for a top global employer of choice.


• In accordance with company's philosophy, each employee conducts oneself in a professional and courteous manner at all times. This applies to physical and verbal interactions with guests or fellow shipboard employees and/or in the presence of guest contact and crew areas.

• Manages both the Front and Back of House Housekeeping areas. On ships with 2 Assistant Executive Housekeepers completes 2 months managing Back of House and 2 months managing Front of House. Oasis class with 3 Assistant Executive Housekeepers one is assigned Back of House and the other two manage Front of House (deck 17 thru 10 and deck 7 thru 2) on a rotation basis.

• Supports and reports to the Executive Housekeeper. Oversees all operational aspects of all Housekeeping and Laundry and Linen Operations, ensuring cleanliness, maintenance and presentation standards are managed to brand standards in all Housekeeping areas, including all guest staterooms and balconies, guest corridors, officer cabins, laundry, lockers, ice stations and storage areas in both the front and back of house. Maintains front-of-house operational presence and is completely responsible for stateroom inspection processes, ensuring feedback is delivered in constructive and appropriate manner with emphasis on positive reinforcement. Assists Executive Housekeeper in managing all administrative and back of house duties and responsibilities.

• Responsible for providing day to day operational management to all team members, and takes ownership and accountability for reacting to guest feedback and requests effectively and efficiently. Works closely with the Guest Services Manager and team to ensure guest complaints and concerns are addressed in prompt, empathetic, and customer centric manner.

• Partners with Executive Housekeeper to permanently resolve recurring service failures through root cause analysis and effective problem solving techniques. Manages all housekeeping related entries in ship’s Guest Log, and ensures it is utilized to track status of all guest issues in timely fashion. Practices sound business sense in an ethical manner at all times. Enforces and assists shipboard senior management team in the facilitation of the ‘Guest Conduct Policy’.

• Oversees all Housekeeping Training activities, including classroom style and on-the-job training, ensuring team members strengthen their current performance and are being developed for succession planning. Demonstrates strong ability to coach and develop team members on effective problem resolution skills and aptitudes. This includes training for the entire Management and Supervisor team along with all crew members within the division. Is the sole owner of all training for Stateroom Attendants that are working Back of House including new hires and newly promoted. This training is not limited to but includes the Computer based training, role plays, practical sessions, power points and all training records must be updated as per the Training matrix. Supports the Deck and Senior Supervisors identifying training opportunities within their teams.

• Manages and supervises the entire luggage operation on the last night of the cruise to ensure all guest luggage is removed from corridors and placed in the appropriate luggage carts. Fully supervises the Luggage support team from other divisions and works with the Linen keeper and assigned Facilities supervisor and enforces WPS practices.

• Supports Laundry Master and all Laundry and Linen Operations onboard and provides operational support to enable delivery of services and products flawlessly and on a consistent basis. Guides Laundry Master to ensure all laundry equipment is maintained in good working order and maintenance is planned as necessary. Manages regular and consistent linen inventory process to ensure the operation has adequate linen and terry par levels to meet the business demands. Provides guidance for all other laundry related operations such as revenue reporting, time and attendance, SQM policies, etc.


• Minimum three to five years managerial/operational experience in housekeeping and laundry operations of large 4 or 5 Star hotels (500+ rooms), cruise line or hospitality industry related field required, with demonstrated experience supervising team of minimum of 30 employees and managing budgets in excess of $500K annually.

• Required to speak English clearly and distinctly, has aptitude to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures, including the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and co-workers. Ability to speak additional languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, French, German or Portuguese preferred.

• Specific knowledge of principles and processes for providing exceptional customer and personal service including needs assessment, problem resolution, demonstrated strong attention to detail and achievement of quality service.

• Flexibility to manage, direct and encourage a positive, dynamic, diverse Housekeeping operation by navigating through a changing work.

• Working knowledge of cleaning procedures and equipment, chemical handling, linen par levels, public health standards, computers, internet access, and the ability to navigate within a variety of software packages (e.g. MS Office) and office equipment.

• Completion of high school or equivalent required; bachelors’ degree preferred.