Cruise Ship Showband Orchestra Musicians


Orchestra musicians perform a wide variety of music, generally commercial genres. Good sightreading is essential and an audition must be scheduled. A live audition can be scheduled if you can make it to our office, but a phone or Skype audition can be scheduled as well.

Showband orchestra musician openings at sea for the following instruments:

- Sax / Reeds (Required doubles: Alto, Tenor, Clarinet, Flute)
- Trumpet (Both jazz and lead players)
- Trombone
- Guitar
- Piano
- Bass (Electric and/or Acoustic)
- Drumset

To apply for a gig in a cruise ship orchestra, please send or e-mail us a current resume, photo, and links to promotional media for consideration.


- Great sightreading skills

- Candidates must be good section players

- Solid performing experience

- Valid passport required

- Must be able to pass a background check as well as the cruise line pre-employment medical exam/drug test