Crew Administrator


A leading cruise line currently requires a Crew Administrator to join their team.

In addition to other requirements, potential candidates must have a minimum of one year experience in an administrative position in the hospitality/ cruise industry.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

- Oversees the crew sign-on and sign-off process, as directed by the Human Resources Manager, reviewing immigration documentation such as passports, visas, Alien Resident Cards (ARC), Letters of Re-Employment, etc. to determine validity of documents. Refers unusual documentation to the HR Manager.
- Ensures the efficient clearance of Crew members signing on and off through Customs and Immigration by diplomatically encouraging a productive relationship with the relevant officials.
- Supervises the Crew Relations Specialist in the sign-on and sign-off processes, and ensures Crew members receive all documentation prior to sign off, including airline tickets, medicals and training records.
- Coordinates with the shore-side support group the repatriation process for shipboard employees
- Supervises the 90-Day US CBP Inspection of all Crew, with the assistance of the HR Manager, T&D Manager, Crew Relations Specialist, Crew Payroll Manager and 2nd Purser Payroll.
- Ensure accuracy of employee records
- Works on a rotational basis with the Crew Relations Specialist in the Crew Office performing a variety of related duties.
- Works with Financial Controller staff in the Crew office in a cooperative, productive and effective manner. Including but not limited to assistance with Payroll Stuffing.
- As part of the HR Division fully supports Crew Activities and events that help increase Crew morale and optimize positive Crew comments of the overall Crew Relations operation.
- Shipboard employees will be required to perform any other job-related duties assigned by their supervisor or management.


- Minimum of one-year experience in an administrative position within the hospitality and/or cruise industry.
- Completion of high school, basic education or vocational training equivalency preferred.
- Ability to diplomatically liaise with local authorities to expedite efficient clearance of the ship with regards to Customs and Immigration procedures and immediately resolve concerns and negotiate resolutions, without compromising the ship's reporting integrity.
- Ability to work independently as well as part of a closely knit team.
- Ability to work with and maintain confidential documentation.
- Proven customer service skills to interact appropriately with guests and crew in a considerate, professional and positive manner by showing concern and listening actively.
- Ability to communicate tactfully with guests and crew, divisional managers and shipboard employees to resolve problems and negotiate resolutions.
- Ability to operate basic office equipment, including adding machines/calculators, typewriters, telephones, computers and copy machines.
- Working knowledge of computers, internet, and the ability to navigate within a variety software packages such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
- Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with guests and crew
- Ability to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures. This includes the ability to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms and to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and co-workers. In accordance with this is the ability to write reports and letters grammatically correct in English.
- Ability to speak additional languages such as Spanish, French or German preferred